Indiana Mysteries

Eastview Elementary students are hosting author/scientist, Ron Hirshi, on April 11th and 12th, 2006. In preparing for his visit,Mrs. Newton's students have been creating mysteries about their native environment for Ron and you to answer. Please join us in discovering the answers to some "Hoosier" home mysteries.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Our Sea Creature Mystery

While we do not have oceans here in Indiana now, millions of years ago Indiana was covered by a sea. These tiny creatures who lived there were invertebrates and lived in tiny, pin-sized pores which can sometimes be seen in smooth, ridged, or bumpy surfaces. They lived in colonies, much like corals.
Do you know the name of this ancient sea creature? There is an area very near here where these and other ancient creatures can be easily gathered. When you identify this creature, I will add a link where you can learn more these creatures and that area.
From the Gorge,
Mrs. Newton

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Calls of the Wild

I have seen and heard some interesting animals lately. While we do not have the songs of the whales, we do have some animals that "sing" from time to time.

This is the snout of an animal that often "sings" by the light of the moon.

These eggs belong to an animal that is making its journey through Indiana. Its "song" tells us that spring is here. I saw two huge "parents" just last week in a field near the river on my way home from school.

Can you guess these animals? More importantly, can you guess their "songs"?
When you do, I will post a site where you can find instructions on how to make these animals through origami, much like Tammy Yee makes sea creatures.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

An Indiana Living Legend

These are the legs of an animal that I saw today as I drove back from the Mary Gray Bird Sanctuary. This animal used to roam free across much of America, including Indiana.
Today, this mammal is raised on a near-by farm. The Native Americans who lived here depended on it as a way of life. This majestic creature provided many things for the Native Americans. Yes, "Indians" lived here and some like the Miami and Delaware still live here. Did you know that "Indiana" means "land of the Indians"?
Do you know the name of this animal?
Do you know which Indiana symbol honors this animal and its importance in our history?
From the farm,
Mrs. Newton

Monday, March 13, 2006


This is a part of a plant. Do you know what part?

It can be boiled and then made into a tea. This plant helps reduce pain and swelling for arthritus and joint pain

Why did we call this "Harry?"


This plant is out on my patio and has been all winter long. I don't worry much about watering it. Part of this creature's name is "Sempervivum" which means "live forever." And that is what is does, even during our sometimes harsh winters.

The inside sap from the leaf can be used as a burn ointment - much like an aloe vera plant. The name that we call this plant reminds me of spring animals. Do you know this creature's name?
Mrs. Newton

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The 2nd Hoosier Mystery in the Making!

Here is another mystery for you. His name is George.(Not really. We named the creature that because it is George Washington's birthday today!)
The creature is a macroinvertebrate. Macro means you can see him without a microscope. It has no backbone. It is related to a worm and a snail. The creature is a nymph. That means it is a baby. We have more clues for you if you need them.
Mrs. Newton's Mystery Makers

Monday, February 13, 2006

Hoosier Mysteries Are Happening!!!

Dear Ron,
We have enjoyed your mysteries very much. We are learning lots about where you live. Now it is your turn to learn about us. Here is a mystery for you...
This was found across the street from the middle school. It is part of a living fossil. It takes 15-20 years for the parent to produce "offspring." While most of us have seen these, usually in the park, we didn't all know its name.
Have fun with our mystery!
Your friends in Mrs. N's class